Law students

A Future Worth Building
Kluger Kaplan is comprised of a diverse group of lawyers, who each bring unique strengths to the firm. High energy, passion and dedication to solving problems for our clients are some of the common elements that bind our team. An appealing entry-level candidate is a student who exhibits high academic achievement, business acumen, strong writing and oral advocacy skills, independence, and passion for involvement in community activities and life outside the practice of law.

Summer Associate Program
Kluger Kaplan’s summer associate program is our primary vehicle for hiring entry-level associates. It is designed to provide a realistic look at associate life. Kluger Kaplan’s summer associates receive the same type of work assignments as junior associates and enjoy the opportunity to work with most, if not all, of our lawyers. Projects range from legal research and preparation of pleadings, contracts and other legal documents to attendance at depositions, hearings, trials and client conferences. After assignments are completed, summer associates receive feedback and evaluations on their performance. Each summer associate is also matched with a mentor to assist with acclimation to firm life. In addition, Kluger Kaplan’s summer program stresses the importance of life outside the firm and provides numerous opportunities to get to know our lawyers in social settings with events such as receptions, sporting events and other activities, both formal and informal.

Associate Development Program
Kluger Kaplan believes that our associates, in addition to being valuable assets, represent the future of our firm. Retention and elevation to Member is the focus of our Associate Development Program. Kluger Kaplan associates work in a congenial, collegial and respectful atmosphere with firm members, who offer both challenges and support. Kluger Kaplan assures that each associate receives regular feedback on performance and progress within the firm. Regular associate meetings keep associates informed about what is taking place within the firm and provide a forum to address questions, concerns and ideas. On a more personal level, each associate is matched with a mentor to assist in the learning process, discuss difficult issues, and generally participate in the associate’s career development.