Need help finding your way around Kluger Kaplan? Find it quickly.

For your convenience we have compiled the following list of frequently asked questions, and information about our administrative team.

Office logistics/Holidays

What are your office hours?

Where are your offices located?

Where is the best place for me to park when visiting your office?

How long is the drive from the airport to your office?

What hotel accommodations are near your office?


Who can I speak to about billing issues?

Mailing List

How do I get added to or have changes made to, my current information on your mailing list?

Staff Recruiting

What staff positions are currently available?

Do you have a summer intern program? Whom should I contact?

Attorney Recruiting

Who do I contact regarding a summer associate position?


What kind of cases do you handle?

Community Activity

Who should I contact regarding non-profit donations?

Marketing, Public Relations, Website

Who is in charge of marketing, advertising, and public relations?

Who do I call for more information regarding seminars?

Who do I contact regarding your website?


Who do I contact to make a general suggestion or register a concern?